Exploring the most enjoyable coastal towns of France

Exploring the most enjoyable coastal towns of France - Les Petits Basics

Summer vacation is the perfect time to explore the beautiful coastal towns of France's west coast. With sunny beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, historical heritage, and culinary delights, this region is full of gems to discover. Whether you're seeking relaxation by the sea, cultural exploration, or water adventures, here's a selection of the most enjoyable towns to spend your summer vacation on the west coast of France.

Biarritz - Surfing and seaside elegance

Biarritz, a gem of the Basque Coast, charms visitors with its chic seaside atmosphere and perfect waves for surfing. Beaches like Ilbarritz and Côte des Basques attract surfers from around the world, while secluded coves offer peaceful spaces to recharge.

La Grande Plage is a must-visit for those who love sunbathing and bathing in turquoise waters. Beyond surfing, Biarritz also boasts prestigious golf courses and thalassotherapy centers for ultimate relaxation.


Saint-Malo - The Corsair Fortress

Located in Brittany, Saint-Malo is a fortified town with a unique corsair character. Wander through the cobblestone streets of the old town, admire the impressive ramparts providing panoramic views of the ocean, and soak in the medieval atmosphere.

For beach lovers, the vast stretches of sand at Grande Plage and Plage du Sillon offer relaxation, and more adventurous travelers can explore nearby islands like Île de Cézembre or Île du Grand Bé.


Arcachon - Between dune and basin

Arcachon, situated on the basin of the same name, is a true paradise for nature lovers. Its iconic Dune du Pilat, the highest in Europe, offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Banc d'Arguin and the endless ocean. The beaches on the Arcachon Basin are perfect for swimming in calm and warm waters.

Don't miss the chance to taste fresh oysters from the local oyster huts. The laid-back atmosphere and natural beauty of Arcachon make it an unforgettable vacation destination.

Dune du pilat


Cap Ferret - Gem of the west coast

Cap Ferret is an emblematic peninsula nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arcachon Bay on the west coast of France. This sought-after vacation destination is renowned for its sandy beaches, majestic dunes, and breathtaking landscapes. Cap Ferret exudes an authentic and laid-back atmosphere that captivates visitors. You'll fall in love with its picturesque fishing villages, such as the village itself and the village of l'Herbe. Stroll through the streets lined with traditional oyster huts, where you can savor fresh oysters directly from local producers.

Cap ferret