We cannot say that creating a brand and new garments is sustainable. However, we believe in creating better and more responsible garments that will last a lifetime as well as looking at all areas of our business and work to grow responsible and more sustainable. Read about our sustainable actions and where we aim to improve.



We carefully select our fabrics and use recycled and organic fabrics. For the ones that aren't recycled or organic; they come from places that have been carefully selected for producing responsibly.

Our textiles have many certifications such as GOTS certified, OEXO TEX certified, GRS (Global Recycled Standard), Vegan (PETA Approved).

  • Organic Coton: Organic cotton ensures that no pesticides, chemical fertilisers or genetically modified seeds are used, minimising the impact on the environment. The impact of water pollution by organic cotton is 98% less than conventional cotton production. Organic cotton also ensures a healthy working environment for workers and small scale farmers.
    The coton we use has been certified under the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), an organisation specifically focused on providing consumers with access to safe and sustainable organic fabrics. For exemple, our t-shirts use GOTS coton.

  • Recycled Polyester: We know that this is not the most sustainable alternative we are also constantly improving to find better alternatives. However the recycled polyester we use is basically transforming thrown plastic bottles into long lasting and quality clothing. Read more about the process on our Instagram HERE.

  • Elastane: Used in our OEKO-TEX certified sock, this fabric ensures that the socks can stretch and are resistant to last.

We are constantly working on improving our fabric sourcing, better and more sustainable alternatives. We are also learning and all the choices that we make for the brand are carefully thought to ensure each piece will last a lifetime.


Made In 

We don't necessarily believe in the word 'Made In' as in some countries you can simply add it depending on where you sew your label. However we believe in working with partners that have good factories and work places. Working towards participating in the economy of each country and being transparent about it. 
As a small and young brand we don't always make the rules when wanting to work with "bigger" partners but we always ensure to carefully selected partners that are certified and transparent.

Our partner factory that create the core of our body is based in Bangladesh is certified by the Fair Wear foundation.

In France we work with a Factory that based in the south and is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. They. are constantly working on improving their sustainable practices. The printed ink we use on most our pieces is water based.


100% Biodegradable

Our mailers and polybags are 100% biodegradable. This means they’re made of plants, not plastic so you can feel a little less guilty about ordering online. For best composting results, remove the shipping label (recycle it), cut into small pieces and throw into a compost bin.

Carbon Neutral France shipping 

The company is based in France, therefore we work with the French groupe La Poste for all our shipments. For Le Groupe La Poste, the fight against climate change is one of the major concerns of its corporate social responsibility policy. Priority is given to managing CO2 emissions through a proactive carbon neutrality approach.


Sustainable Brand Platform

Their mission is to assist brands to evaluate their sustainability performance guaranteed by blockchain technology. We are proud to be working with them in order to asses transparency, traceability and sustainability for Les Petits Basics.
Read more about our sustainability rating and practices HERE


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